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'''Title:''' Earthscape\\
'''URL:''' [[|]]\\
'''Resource Type:''' Statistics and Numeric Data\\
'''Resource Type:''' Article Databases\\
'''Core subject:''' Environmental Planning\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Astronomy]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Earth and Planetary Science]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Environmental Design]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Environmental Planning]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Environmental Science and Policy]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Geology and Geophysics]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Energy and Resources]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Conservation and Resource Studies]]\\
'''Access:''' CDL\\
'''Text:''' Some full text\\
'''Brief description:''' Indexes journals, conference proceedings, seminars, lectures, and policy briefs related to earth sciences, including astronomy, remote sensing, ecosystems, environment, geology, seismology, forestry, meteorology, climate, oceanography, paleontology, and relevant news on these topics from late 20th century to the present. Also includes fully searchable databases, datasets, and model systems.\\
'''Publication dates covered:''' 1973 - present\\
'''Access Service or Vendor:''' Columbia University Press\\
'''UC-eLinks:''' no\\
'''Proxy:''' Yes\\
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'''Record last modified:''' 2006-12-15\\
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