EH Net

Title: EH.Net (Economic History Services)
Alternate title: Economic History Services databases
Resource Type: Statistics and Numeric Data
Subject: Economics
Subject: History
Access: Unrestricted
Brief description: A website that provides resources and promotes communication among scholars in economic history and related fields. The Databases page provides access to several data series and downloadable files that provide historical economic data for the U.S. and select European countries. Also includes U.S. population and wage data. Most data series cover 19th and 20th centuries. Also provides data on purchasing power, inflation rates, exchange rates, interest rates and wages that allows researchers to compare prices or wages across different time periods.
Full description: Supported by the Economic History Association and other affiliated organizations: the Business History Conference, the Cliometric Society, the Economic History Society, and the History of Economics Society.
Access Service or Vendor: Economic History Services
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