SeaView satellite imagery of the southeastern U.S. coast /

Publisher: Charleston, S.C. : The Center ; [Riverdale, MD : NOAA Distribution Branch, CSC, NOAA Coastal Services Center],
Date: 1996.
LCC: GC10.4.R4 S43 1996 compu/d
Description: Contains a collection of over 1,400 satellite SST maps at approximately 4-km resolution for coastal ocean of southeastern U.S. Includes information on coastal and oceanic conditions. CoastWach AVHRR image files in an annotated JPEG format can be rapidly browsed to determine interannual and seasonal temporal and spatial variability of major ocean futures, including Gulf Stream and Loop Current, as well as original cold-water upwellings, warm and cool eddies, and seasonal temperature changes from 1991 to 1996.
Description: System requirements: IBM PC; 486 CPU; 8 MB RAM (16 MB for PCI Handler viewer); 5 MB of available hard disk space; CD-ROM drive (4x); MS Windows 3.1, Windows NT or Windows 95; graphics viewer (WinJPEG and PCI Handler included).
Description: System requirements for UNIX: CD-ROM drive (4x); 16 MB RAM; X-window system; graphics viewer (xv for SGI and SUN, and PCI handler for SGI, SUN, and DEC Ultrix included).
Description: Disc characteristics: CD-ROM.
Subject: Oceanography Southern States Remote sensing Databases.
Subject: Ocean temperature Southern States Remote sensing Databases.
Subject: Ocean circulation Southern States Remote sensing Databases.
Subject: Coastal zone management Southern States Remote sensing.
Subject: Coastal ecology Southern States Remote sensing.

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Categories: CD-ROM, Coastal ecology, Coastal zone management, Ocean circulation, Ocean temperature, Oceanography, Remote sensing, Southern States