Creator: World Bank.
Publisher: Washington, D.C. : International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank,
Date: c1994-
LCC: HC59.69 .W675 compu/d
Description: Issues cover national account data from 1960, social indicators from 1965 and other data from 1970.
Description: System requirements: IBM PC or compatible; 512K RAM; DOS version 2.1 or later; 1MB disk space; hard disk drive; CD-ROM reader.
Description: Includes data from the current Social indicators of development (later, World development indicators), World debt tables, World tables, and Trends in developing economies, each also available in print. The first three are also issued in diskette versions with the same titles, while the latter is called: TIDE STARS, in its diskette version. World development indicators is also available on CD-ROM.
Identifier: HD59.69 .W675
Subject: Economic indicators Databases.
Subject: Social indicators Databases.
Subject: Debts, External Developing countries Databases.
Subject: Economic history Statistics Databases.
Subject: Developing countries Economic conditions Statistics Databases.
Relation: Social indicators of development
Relation: Social indicators of development (Diskette)
Relation: World debt tables
Relation: World debt tables (Diskette)
Relation: World tables
Relation: World tables (Diskette)
Relation: Trends in developing economies
Relation: TIDE STARS
Relation: World development indicators

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Categories: CD-ROM, Debts, External, Developing countries, Economic conditions, Economic history, Economic indicators, Social indicators