USGS digital orthophoto quadrangle data for ... County, Minnesota

Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Publisher: [Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey ; Denver, Colo. : USGS Map Distribution Center,
Date: 1994]-
LCC: G4141.A4 s12 G4 compu/d
Description: A database of aerial photographs of the counties of Minnesota.
Description: Computer data and programs
Description: Minimum system requirements: 80386 IBM compatible computer with MS-DOS version 3.1 or later, and 640K of RAM; a CD-ROM reader using Microsoft Extensions, version 2.0 or later; approximately 55 MB of storage space is needed to reconstitute each 3.75-minute DOQ.
Subject: Orthophotomaps.
Subject: Minnesota Remote-sensing maps Databases.
Subject: Minnesota Remote-sensing maps Databases.

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Data Lab ID: \\CD-Archives\ISO\EART\84278242

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