TIGER 92 U.S. streets & U.S. boundaries for Windows.

Publisher: Winnetka, IL : Wessex, Inc.,
Date: c1994.
LCC: HE355 .T54 1994 compu/d
Description: A desk-top mapping package to view, store, and create maps, along with demographic data and geographic features.
Description: Northeast -- Northwest & Southwest -- Midwest & Southeast -- Plains & South Central -- East -- West & Central.
Description: System requirements: 80386 processor; 8MB RAM; Windows 3.1; 3.5" high density floppy drive; CD-ROM drive.
Description: Disc characteristics: CD-ROM.
Subject: Streets United States Databases.
Subject: Street addresses United States Databases.
Subject: United States Boundaries Databases.
Subject: United States Geography Software.

Data Lab ID: \\LIBRRC\DATA\CD-Archives\ISO\EART\84262959

Categories: Boundaries, CD-ROM, Geography, Software, Street addresses, Streets, United States