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Creator: Buchhandler-Vereinigung.
Publisher: Frankfurt am Main : Buchhandler-Vereinigung,
LCC: Z2225 .V46 compu/d
Description: System requirements: IBM PC/AT (80386 or greater) or compatible; 1MB RAM and at least 525 KB free storage space; MS-DOS 3.3 or higher (MS-DOS 6.2 recommended); hard drive with at least 20 MB free storage space; 3.5" floppy drive; VGA color monitor; MS-DOS extensions MSCDEX.EXE version 2.1 or higher; CD-ROM drive (ISO 9660 Standard, at least 650 MB, SCSI); inkjet or laserjet printer.
Description: Accompanied by user guide.
Description: CD-ROM ed. of: Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bucher.
Subject: German imprints Germany Catalogs Databases.
Subject: German imprints Austria Catalogs Databases.
Subject: German imprints Switzerland Catalogs Databases.
Subject: Catalogs, Publishers' Germany Databases.
Subject: Catalogs, Publishers' Austria Databases.
Subject: Catalogs, Publishers' Switzerland Databases.
Subject: Germany Imprints Catalogs Databases.
Subject: Austria Imprints Catalogs Databases.
Subject: Switzerland Imprints Catalogs Databases.

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