Digital chart of the world for use with ARC/INFO software.

Publisher: Redlands, Calif. : Environmental Systems Research Institute,
Date: [1993]
LCC: G70.2 .D57 1993 compu/d
Description: The Digital Chart of the World (DCW) is a comprehensive 1:1,000,000-scale vector basemap of the world. It consists of geographic, attribute, and textual data that can be accessed, queried, displayed, and modified with ARC/INFO software.
Description: Disc 1. 180_0W to 90_0W tiles AA11 to FM33 and utility directory -- Disc 2. 90_0W to 0_0W tiles GA11 to M33 -- Disc 3. 0_0E to 90_0E tiles NA11 to TM33 -- Disc 4. 90_0W to 180_0E tiles UA11 to ZM33.
Description: System requirements for using ARC/INFO software: UNIX (DEC, HP, SUN), VAX/VMS, SiliconGraphics, and etc.; CD-ROM player.
Description: System requirements for using IBM and VPF software: IBM PC/386 compatible with 80387 math coprocessor; MS-DOS 3.1 or higher; 1 MB RAM; 30 MB hark disk with at least 20% free disk space; high density floppy drive; CD drive (ISO 9660 compatible); Microsoft extensions 2.0 or higher; VGA and compatible monitor; Microsoft or compatible mouse.
Description: Document: "Data Dictionary, The Digital Chart of the World for use with ARC/INFO."
Subject: Geographic information systems.
Subject: Information storage and retrieval systems Geography Databases.

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