Northern California topographic maps

Publisher: Berkeley, CA : Outdoors on Disk,
Date: c1995.
LCC: G1525 .N67 1995 compu/d
Description: Shows "full terrain details. Using common graphics programs, you can annotate them, add features for special uses (such as triathlons), enlarge or reduce them, and print them to a size you specify: in color with a color printer. Includes current information for each region: attractions and services, searches for all place names on all maps, and contacts for specialized information on state and national parks, state and national forests, state beaches and national seashores, campgrounds and other facilities."
Description: System requirements: 386 or better multimedia PC with Windows; 8MB of RAM; VGA or SVGA card and monitor; CD-ROM drive.
Subject: Topographic maps Databases.

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Categories: CD-ROM, Topographic maps