100-percent summary file Census 2000 dress rehearsal.

Creator: United States. Bureau of the Census.
Publisher: [Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census,
Date: [1999]
LCC: HA201 2000 .O53 1999 compu/d
Description: Summary data files, profiles, and geographic products for Sacramento, California; 11 counties in South Carolina, including the city of Columbia and the town of Irmo; and Menominee County, Wisconsin, including the Minominee American Indian Reservation.
Description: Disc 1. Summary data files and profiles -- disc 2. Geographic products.
Description: Computer programs and data.
Description: ISO 9660 format.
Description: California, South Carolina, Wisconsin.
Description: System requirements: Pentium 90MHz or higher CPU; 24MB system RAM (for Windows 95) or 32MB system RAM (for Windows NT), 10 MB free disk space; Windows 95 or later, or Windows NT 3.51 or later; GeoDressRehearsal software and Adobe Acrobat Reader (available on disc); VGA 640x480 or higher video adaptor; CD-ROM drive; large format plotter printer supporting HP/GL and E-Size (36 x 33 inches).
Description: Disc characteristics: CD-ROM.
Subject: Sacramento Metropolitan Area (Calif.) Population Statistics Maps Databases.
Subject: Menominee County (Wis.) Population Statistics Maps Databases.
Subject: Menominee Indian Reservation (Wis.) Population Statistics Maps Databases.
Subject: South Carolina Population Statistics Maps Databases.
Subject: United States Census, 22nd, 2000.

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