Nihon no shinseidai kazangan no bunpu to sanj_-o Distribution and occurrence of Cenozoic volcanic rocks in Japan / edited by the Editorial Committee for the Occurrence of Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks in Japan.

Creator: Chishitsu Chosajo (Japan)
Creator: Kazangan no Sanj_-o Hensh_-u Iinkai.ience ma
Publisher: Tsukuba-shi : Chishitsu Chosajo,
Date: 2000.
LCC: G7961.C5 2000 .C5 compu/d
Description: [v. A] contains vector and image data to show the distribution of the Cenozoic volcanic rocks in the main part of Japan. [v. B] contains the files of the maps and images and Japanese texts for the explanation of the modes of occurrence of the volcanic rocks.
Description: System requirements for CD-ROMs: Japanese version of Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Macintosh OS 8, or later; Pentium 133 MHz, Power Macintosh 90 MHz, or more; 32 MB or more; 14" or larger monitor, and 32,000 colors or more; x 4 or faster CD drive; Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or other Web browsers; QuickTime v.3 or later.
Subject: Rocks, Igneous Japan Maps.
Subject: Geology, Stratigraphic Maps.
Subject: Petrology Japan Maps.

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Categories: CD-ROM, Geology, Stratigraphic, Japan, Maps, Petrology, Rocks, Igneous