Creator: Lockyer, Norman, Sir, 1836-1920.
Publisher: [London, etc., Macmillan Journals Ltd., etc.]
LCC: Q1 .N2
Description: CD-ROM and print supplements accompany many numbers
Description: Vol. 229-246, Jan. 1971-Dec. 1973, issued in three parts. The two new parts, Nature: new biology, and Nature: physical sciences, continued the volume numbering of Nature in addition to carrying their own issue numbering. With vol. 246, Dec. 1973, Nature: new biology, and Nature: physical sciences, ceased publication and were absorbed by Nature
Description: Beginning in 1994 complemented by Nature structural biology, which consists of articles on structural biology for a more specialist audience
Description: Editorially independent from the journal Nature cell biology, but shares with that journal referees' comments on submitted articles, May 1999-
Description: UPD
Description: SCP weekly serials 2007/2008.
Identifier: Q1 .N2
Subject: Science Periodicals.
Relation: Nature (Online)
Relation: Nature: physical science
Relation: Nature: new biology
Relation: Nature structural biology
Relation: Nature cell biology

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