Statistical tables relating to banks in India.

Creator: India. Dept. of Statistics.
Creator: India. Dept. of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics.
Creator: India. Commercial Intelligence Dept.
Creator: Reserve Bank of India.
Publisher: Bombay.
LCC: HG3286 .A6
LCC: HG3286 .A6 compu/d
Description: <1914/15-1919> also called <2nd-6th> issue; 1939/40-<1968> also called 1st-<27th>
Description: Vols. for 1914-20 issued by the Dept. of Statistics, India; 1921-23, by the Commercial Intelligence Dept., India; 1924-28? by the Dept. of Commercial Inteligence and statistics, India; by Reserve Bank of India, 1939/40-
Identifier: HG3281 .R4
Subject: Banks and banking India Statistics Periodicals.
Subject: Banks and banking Burma Statistics Periodicals.
Subject: Banks and banking Pakistan Statistics Periodicals.
Original relation: Some issues available in CD-ROM format.

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