Watershed boundaries and digital elevation model of Oklahoma derived from 1:100,000-scale digital topographic maps

Creator: Cederstrand, Joel R.
Creator: Rea, Alan.
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Publisher: [Reston, Va.] : U.S. Geological Survey ; [Denver, Colo. : USGS Distribution Branch,
Date: 1995]
LCC: G4021.C315 1995 .G4 compu/d
Description: Contains watershed boundaries for Oklahoma, a digital elevation model, and other data sets derived from the digital elevation model. Additional data sets include flow-direction, flow-accumulation, and shaded-relief grids, all derived from the digital elevation model, and the hydrography data set used in producing model.
Description: System requirements: Compatible with UNIX, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and VAX operating systems; CD-ROM extensions; each data set is provided in 2 formats, a public-domain format and ARC/INFO (Version 7.0.2) format; graphic images are provided in GIF files.
Identifier: G4021.C315 1995 .G4
Subject: Watersheds Oklahoma Maps.

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