Map showing geology, oil and gas fields and geologic provinces of the Arabian Peninsula

Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Creator: Pollastro, Richard M.
Creator: Karshbaum, Amy S.
Creator: Viger, Roland J.
Publisher: [Denver, CO] : The Survey : For sale by the USGS Information Services,
Date: 1999.
LCC: G7520.C51 1999 G4 compu/d
Description: A digital map including geology, geologic provinces, oil and gas fields of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Peninsula, and parts of Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Israel, and Lebanon are represented on this map.
Description: System requirements for Windows: Intel-based personal computer (386 or better, Pentium Pro recommended); Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0; 4 MB application RAM; 12 MB hard disk space.
Description: System requirements for Macintosh: Macintosh computer with 68020 or greater processor, MacOS 7.0 or later; 4 MB application RAM,13 RAM hard disk space. [Requirements for Sun SPARCstation, HP workstation, Silicon Graphics workstation, and IBM RS/6000 workstation also given.]
Description: Eight sets of entity and attribute information provided on CD-ROM under [CD-ROM drive]:/arabian/metadata/html/metadata.htm.
Subject: Geology Arabian Peninsula Maps.
Subject: Oil fields Arabian Peninsula Maps.
Subject: Gas fields Arabian Peninsula Maps.
Original relation: Also available via Internet from the USGS web site. Address as of 6/7/01;
Identifier: URN:ISBN:0607936738

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