3-D TopoQuads. California, North

Publisher: Yarmouth, ME : DeLorme,
Date: c1999.
LCC: G1525 .D427 1999 compu/d
Description: Locate any place in northern California; search by placename, ZIP code, area code and exchange or latitude/longitude; profile backcountry travels for distance and elevation; fly around the country in a 3-D perspective; add symbols to indicate landmarks; print high-quality topographic maps of any place in northern California; utilize the global positioning system through a connection with a GPS receiver ; download maps and directions to 3Com Palm computing or Windows CE handheld computers.
Description: System requirements: IBM compatible Pentium (120MHz) or higher processor (233 MHz or higher recommended for 3-D map view), 16 MB RAM, 32 MB for 3-D map view; 30 MB minimum hard-drive space, ISO 9660-compatible CD-ROM drive with 650+ MB read-capacity and Microsoft CD-ROM extensions; Windows-compatible Super VGA card, 16-bit color monitor, mouse, Microsoft Windows 95/98; Windows-compatible printer with 1.5 MB printer memory for 300 dpi laser printing, 6MB for 600 dpi (color recommended); 3-D graphics accelerator card recommended.
Description: GPS connection requirements: DeLorme Earthmate or Gps TripGarmin 30, 45, GPS II GPS II Plus, GPS III or GPS 12XL; Magellan, RockweTrimble Scoutmaster or a fully compatile NMEA receiver; connector cable.
Subject: Roads California, Northern Maps Interactive multimedia.
Subject: Cities and towns California, Northern Maps Interactive multimedia.
Subject: California, Northern Maps, Topographic Interactive multimedia.
Identifier: URN:ISBN:0899338046

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Categories: CD-ROM, California, Northern, Cities and towns, Interactive multimedia, Maps, Maps, Topographic, Roads