Elektroniskais Latvijas atlass Electronic atlas of Latvia : Latvian, English and Russian support.

Creator: Hamilton Global Management.
Publisher: Riga, Latvia : Hamilton Global Management,
Date: [1999].
LCC: G2130 .E4 1999 compu/d
Description: See full-color, detailed maps of any location in Latvia. The basic scale of the atlas is 1:200,000 and the user can zoom in or out to any magnification level desired. Maps or map fragments can be printed in color or black and white.
Description: System requirements: Pentium 100 or better CPU; 16 Mb of RAM or more; 30 Mb of free hard disk space; Windows 95/98NT; VGA or better color monitor; CD-ROM drive.
Identifier: G2130 .E4x 1999
Subject: Latvia Maps Databases.

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Categories: CD-ROM, Latvia, Maps