Digital representation of a map showing the thickness and character of Quaternary sediments in the glaciated United States east of the Rocky Mountains

Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Creator: Soller, D. R. (David R.)
Creator: Packard, Patricia H.
Publisher: Reston, VA : The Survey ; Denver, CO : For sale by USGS Information Services,
Date: 1998.
LCC: G3701.C5 1998 S6 compu/d
Description: Contains vector-based digital geologic maps of the surficial deposits in parts of 23 states where continental glaciation occurred during the Quaternary. Map compilation was based on about 850 sources of information.
Description: System requirements for Macintosh: System 7.1 or later; 68020 or greater processor; 3.5 MB RAM available; power Macintosh 5 MB RAM available; 12.5 MB hard disk space
Description: System requirements for Windows: 386-, 486- or Pentium processor-based PC; 8 MB RAM available (16 MB for Windows NT); color monitor; 10 MB hard disk space (5 MB for Windows 3.1); ISO 9660-compatible CD-ROM drive with Microsoft MSDEX 2.1 or later; mouse.
Identifier: G3701.C5 1998 S6
Subject: Sediments (Geology) Middle West Maps.
Subject: Geology, Stratigraphic Maps.
Identifier: URN:ISBN:0607911573

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