Global ocean temperature and salinity profiles

Creator: National Oceanographic Data Center (U.S.)
Publisher: Washington, DC : National Oceanographic Data Center,
Date: 1991.
LCC: GC173 .G46 1991 compu/d
Description: Contains global ocean temperature and salinity profiles from 1900-1990.
Description: Vol. 1 Atlantic, Indian, and Polar Oceans -- Vol. 2 Pacific Ocean -- Vol. 3-4 Data selection and display software ver. 3 for Global Ocean Temperature & Salinity Data on CD-ROM NODC-02 and NODC-03.
Description: System requirements: 640Kb memory, with at least 500Kb available; MS-DOS extensions version 2.0 or higher; EGA graphics adapter; EGA or multi-synchronous color graphics monitor; cd-rom drive; floppy disk drive.
Subject: Ocean temperature Databases.
Subject: Salinity Databases.

Data Lab ID: \\LIBRRC\DATA\CD-Archives\ISO\EART\184647745

Categories: CD-ROM, Ocean temperature, Salinity