CD-ROM atlas of the deepwater parts of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Caribbean Sea

Creator: Twichell, David C.
Creator: Cook, Christine A.
Creator: Ambroziak, Russell A.
Creator: Polloni, C. F.
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Creator: USGS-NOAA Joint Office for Mapping and Research in the EEZ.
Publisher: Reston, VA : U.S. Geological Survey,
Date: 1994.
LCC: G1202.C6 .C2 1993 compu/d
Description: A menu-driven digital version of sidescan-sonar mosaics and geologic maps with searchable text. Includes bathymetry overlays for the images, twenty-one seismic profiles, and a three-dimensional perspective of the entire eastern Atlantic sea floor.
Description: System requirements: IBM PC or compatible; 640K RAM plus 540K free memory; math coprecessor; MS- or PC-DOS 5.0 or later; Microsoft MSCDEX 2.1 or later; CD-ROM drive with player with ISO 9660 software driver; hard disk drive with 5Mb free; Super VGA graphics card (640 x 480 pixels with 256 colors); VGA color monitor.
Subject: Submarine topography Atlantic Coast (U.S.) Maps Databases.
Subject: Sonar Charts, diagrams, etc. Databases.
Subject: Geology Atlantic Coast (U.S.) Maps Databases.
Subject: Continental margins Atlantic Coast (U.S.) Charts, diagrams, etc. Databases.
Subject: Seismic reflection method Databases.
Subject: North Atlantic Ocean Bathymetric maps Databases.

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Categories: Atlantic Coast , Bathymetric maps, CD-ROM, Charts, diagrams, etc, Continental margins, Geology, Maps, North Atlantic Ocean, Seismic reflection method, Sonar, Submarine topography