Physical geography : a landscape appreciation /

Creator: McKnight, Tom L. (Tom Lee), 1928-
Creator: Hess, Darrel.
Publisher: Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson Prentice Hall,
Date: c2008.
LCC: GB54.5 .M39 2008
Description: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Description: Introduction to earth -- Portraying earth -- Introduction to the atmosphere -- Insolation and temperature -- Atmospheric pressure and wind -- Atmospheric moisture -- Transient atmospheric flows and disturbances -- Climatic zones and types -- The hydrosphere -- Cycles and patterns in the biosphere -- Terrestrial flora and fauna -- Soils -- Introduction to landform study -- The internal processes -- Preliminaries to erosion: weathering and mass wasting -- The fluvial processes -- Solution processes and Karst topography -- The topography of arid lands -- Glacial modification of terrain -- Coastal processes and terrain.
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Identifier: GB54.5 .M39 2008
Subject: Physical geography.
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Identifier: URN:ISBN:9780132239011 (978-0-13-223901-1)

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