Recharge and discharge areas for the principal basin-fill aquifer, Curlew Valley, Box Elder County, Utah

Creator: Kirby, Stefan M.
Creator: Lowe, Mike.
Creator: Kneedy, Jason L.
Creator: Utah Geological Survey.
Publisher: Salt Lake City, Utah : Utah Geological Survey,
Date: 2005.
LCC: GB1025.U8 K57 2005 compu/d
Description: The primary source of drinking and irrigation water in Curlew Valley is groundwater from the principal aquifer. The mapped recharge and discharge areas for the principal aquifer is used as a tool for management of potential contaminant sources to help protect water quality. This self-initiating disc contains a 10 page report with a 7 page well record appendix, and the recharge-discharge map at a scle of 1:100,000.
Description: Includes bibliographical references.
Description: System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Subject: Hydrogeology Utah Box Elder County.
Subject: Groundwater Utah Box Elder County.
Subject: Water-supply Utah Box Elder County.
Identifier: URN:ISBN:155791737X

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