1990 census of population and housing. Summary tape file 1C

Creator: United States. Bureau of the Census. Data User Services Division.
Publisher: Washington D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data User Services Divsion,
Date: 1992.
LCC: HA201 1990 .C4676 compu/d
LCC: HA201 1990 .C885 compu/d
LCC: HA201 1990 .U54 1992 compu/d
Description: Provides summary census data for the U.S. regions, divisions, states (including summaries such as urban and rural), counties, places of 10,000 or more inhabitants, county subdivisions of 10,000 or more inhabitants in selected states, metropolitan areas (MA's), urbanized areas (UA's), American Indian and Alaskan Native areas. Population items include age, race, sex, marital status, Hispanic origin, household type, and household relationship. Population items are cross tabulated by age, race, Hispanic origin, or sex. Housing items include occupancy/vacancy status, tenure, units in structure, contract rent, meals included in rent, value, and number of rooms in housing unit. Housing data are cross tabulated by race or Hispanic origin of householder or by tenure. Selected aggregates and medians also are provided. Data are presented in 37 population tables (matrices) and 63 housing tables (matrices).
Description: Summary statistics.
Description: United States.
Description: System requirements: IBM PC or compatible; 640K RAM; CD-ROM drive; MS-DOS 3.1 or higher; DOS file manager software (e.g. Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 2.0 or higher). The retrieval software requires IBM compatibles operating under MS-DOS; users of other types of systems, such as Apple Macintosh, have access to the files through support for ISSO 9660 CD-ROMs. For direct access to the data files, one of the many software packages which recognize the dBASE III Plus format will be very useful.
Description: Universe: all persons and housing units in the United States.
Subject: Housing United States Statistics Databases.
Subject: United States Population Statistics Databases.
Subject: United States Census, 21st, 1990.
Original relation: Also issued on computer tapes.

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