U.S. Geological survey 1:100,000-scale digital line graph (DLG)

Creator: Earth Science Information Center (U.S.)
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Publisher: Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey, Earth Sciences Information Center,
Date: c1991-
LCC: G3700 1991 .U5 compu/d
Description: The DLG data files derived from the 1:100,000-scale maps contain selected base categories of cartographic data in digital form. The data do not necessarily correspond to traditional feature separates associated with the maps from the USGS Topographic Map series of the U.S. Geological Survey. Current categories of data include hydrography and transportation. Future plans are to expand the data to cover hypsography, boundaries and the public land survey system. Digital data are useful for the production of cartographic products, such as base maps, and the data are structured to support the analytical functions of geographic information systems. A typical use of base category digital cartographic data is to combine them with other geographically referenced data, enabling various automated spatial analyses to be conducted.
Description: Area 1. Northeastern states.--Area 2. Middle Atlantic States. --Area 3. Southeastern states.-- Area 4. Florida.--Area 5. Southern Mississippi Valley states. --Area 6. Central Mississippi Valley states.--Area 7. Northern Great Lakes States.--Area 8. Texas and Oklahoma--Area 9. Central Plains States --Area 10. Northern Plains states.--Area 11. Arizona and New Mexico. --Area 12. Central Pacific states.--Area 13. Northwestern states.--Area 14. Hawaiian Islands.
Description: System requirements: IBM PC or compatible (80286-, 80386-, 80486- based machines recommended); 640K RAM; DOS; Microsoft CD-ROM extensions version 2.01 or higher; CD-ROM drive; EGA/VGA graphic display; mouse not required but software will take advantage of one, if present.
Description: Disk contains machine-readable documentation: Data users guide 2.
Subject: United States Maps Databases.

Data Lab ID: \\CD-Archives\ISO\EART\167828930

File Name Bytes Last Modified
G3700 1991.U5-Area 10_Northern Plains States Optional Format.iso 352251904 Fri Aug 10 15:24:21 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 11_Arizona + New Mexico Optional Format.iso 174262272 Fri Aug 10 15:25:54 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 12_Central Pacific States Optional Format.iso 324952064 Fri Aug 10 15:28:35 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 13_Northwestern States Optional Format.iso 235952128 Fri Aug 10 15:30:41 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 13_Northwestern States Standard.iso 142753792 Thu Aug 16 18:53:41 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 14_Hawaii Optional Format.iso 9777152 Fri Aug 10 15:31:38 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 14_Hawaii Standard Format.iso 6598656 Thu Aug 16 18:54:37 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 1_Northeastern States Optional Format.iso 203175936 Fri Aug 10 14:58:57 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 3_Southeastern States Optional Format.iso 234821632 Fri Aug 10 15:05:03 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 3_Southeastern States Standard.iso 142319616 Thu Aug 16 18:58:37 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 4_Florida Optional Format.iso 104998912 Fri Aug 10 15:06:30 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 4_Florida Standard Format.iso 104998912 Fri Aug 10 15:08:27 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 5_Southern Mississippi Valley States Optional.iso 362231808 Fri Aug 10 15:11:03 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 6_Central Mississippi Valley States Optional.iso 362801152 Fri Aug 10 15:13:39 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 7_Northern Great Lakes States Optional Format.iso 259780608 Fri Aug 10 15:15:39 2007
G3700 1991.U5-Area 9_Central Plains States Optional Format.iso 307200000 Fri Aug 10 15:21:42 2007

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