20-manbun no 1 suchi chishitsu zufukushu. Chugoku seibu, Kyushu oyobi Nansei Shoto

Creator: Chishitsu Chosa Sogo Senta.
Publisher: Tsukuba-shi : Sangyo Gijutsu Sogo Kenkyujo, Chishitsu Chosa Sogo Senta,
Date: 2005.
LCC: G7962.K9C5 2005 .C5 compu/d
Description: "The CD contains the vector data (DLG, E00, SHP, and RVC formats) and raster data of the Digital Geological Maps of Japan 1:200,000, Western part of Chugoku, Kyushu, and Nansei Shoto, and also contain the raster data of the 1:50,000 quadrangle geolgical maps covering the same area."
Description: System requirements: OS: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Mac OS 8, or later. Pentium 133 MHz, PowerPC 90 MHz, or more. RAM: 32 MB or more. Netscape Communicator v. 4, Internet Explorer v. 5, or other later Web browsers. GIS (Geographical Information System) is necessary to use the vector data stored in the folder "VECTDATA."
Identifier: G7962.K9C5 2005 .C5
Subject: Geology Japan Chugoku Region Maps.
Subject: Geology Japan Kyushu Region Maps.
Subject: Geology Japan Ryukyu Islands Maps.
Subject: Geology Japan Maps.
Subject: Japan Maps.

Data Lab ID: \\LIBRRC\DATA\CD-Archives\ISO\EART\152063374

Categories: CD-ROM, Chugoku Region, Geology, Japan, Kyushu Region, Maps, Ryukyu Islands