Activemind MapSingapore

Publisher: Singapore : Activemind,
Date: c1996.
LCC: G8041.P2 1996 A3 compu/d
Description: Besides full street information, there are multimedia presentations on places of interest, major buildings, sports, medical and educational facilities, cultural events and lifestyle in Singapore.
Description: System requirements for Macintosh: 68030 or greater or Power Macintosh; 8 MB; System 7 or later; monitor resolution 640 X 480.
Description: System requirements for IBM: MPC II; 16 MB; monitor 640 X 480, 16-bit colors.
Subject: Roads Singapore Maps Databases.
Subject: Singapore Databases.
Subject: Singapore Maps Databases.

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Data Lab ID: \\CD-Archives\ISO\DREF\151669521

Categories: CD-ROM, Maps, Roads, Singapore