Gravity data of Nevada

Creator: Ponce, David A.
Creator: National Geophysical Data Center.
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Publisher: [Menlo Park, CA] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; Denver, CO : USGS Information Services,
Date: 1997.
LCC: QB337.5.U6 P6 1997 compu/d
Description: Includes gravity data for entire state of Nevada and adjacent parts of California, Utah, and Arizona. About 80,000 gravity stations were compiled primarily from National Geophysical Data Center and U.S. Geological Survey. Gravity data were reduced to Geodetic Reference System of 1967 and adjusted to Gravity Standardization Net 1971 gravity datum. Data were processed to complete Bouguer and isostatic gravity anomalies by applying standard gravity corrections. Data files are in Portable Document Format (PDF), and disc also contains installers for Adobe Acrobat readers for Window and Macintosh.
Description: System requirements for Macintosh: Macintosh computer with 68020 processor; 8MB RAM (16 MB recommended); System 7.0 or higher; 13-inch color monitor that can display 256 colors; CD-ROM drive.
Description: System requirements for Windows: IBM or compatible PC (386 or higher processor); 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended); MS- or PC DOS version 5.0 or later; Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher (Windows 95 or Windows NT recommended); VGA color monitor that can display 256 colors; CD-ROM drive.
Subject: Gravity anomalies Nevada Measurement Databases.
Subject: Gravity anomalies Southwestern States Measurement Databases.
Original relation: Also issued on the Internet with title: Gravity map of Nevada, publ. 1998.
Identifier: URN:ISBN:0607866365

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