Worldview geography with H.J. de Blij.

Publisher: [New York] : Wiley,
Date: c1997.
LCC: G70.2 .G48 1997 compu/d
Description: Includes a database of video clips from Geography on Location with H.J. de Blij, Geography Editor for ABC's television program "Good Morning America." Dr. de Blij journeyed with a cameraman to 32 diverse cities and villages across nine of the world's geographic realms to compile this rich collection of media. Geography on Location is part of the H.J. de Blij Video Series.
Description: System requirements for IBM Personal Computer or compatible: 486/33 MHz processor (or better), 5 MB or more of RAM (3.5 MB available), Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, DOS 5.0 or better, 640x480x256 color VGA or higher resolution monitor and graphics card, single speed CD-ROM drive (MPC compatible, 150 KB/sec transfer rate), Windows compatible soundcard, Windows compatible mouse.
Description: System requirements for Macintosh: 68040 processor or Power PC, 6 MB or more of RAM (4.5 MB available), system 7.1 or better, double speed CD-ROM drive.
Subject: Geodatabases.
Identifier: URN:ISBN:0471182877
Identifier: URN:ISBN:0471037052

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