Street atlas USA

Publisher: Freeport, ME : DeLorme Mapping,
LCC: G1201.P2 .S774 compu/d
Description: Combines street-level maps of the United States with tools to locate, display, print and export them. Searchable by name, block range, town, zip code, telephone area code and exchange.
Description: Issued on 2 discs (setup and runtime), <c1998>
Description: System requirements: IBM PC or compatible (486DX/66 MHz or higher processor); 8 MB RAM (16 or more recommended); 35 MB hard disk space; Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 or later; ISO 9660-compatible CD-ROM drive with at least 650 MB read-capacity and Microsoft CD-ROM extensions; 256-color monitor; Super VGA printer; mouse; sound card and microphone recommended.
Subject: Cities and towns United States Maps Databases Periodicals.
Subject: Roads United States Maps Databases Periodicals.

Data Lab ID: \\CD-Archives\ISO\EART\151215797

Categories: CD-ROM, Cities and towns, Maps, Roads, United States