Statistical abstract of the United States

Creator: United States. Bureau of the Census. Data User Services Division.
Creator: United States. Bureau of the Census. Administrative and Customer Services Division.
Publisher: Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census, Data Users Services Division,
Date: 1993-
LCC: HA203 .A35 compu/d
Description: A statistical reference and guide to over 250 statistical publications and sources from government and private organizations. Includes all data published for counties in the State and metropolitan area data book, 1982- ; and in the County and city data book, 1983-
Description: Vols. for 1994- called also 114th- ed.
Description: Adobe Acrobat format or numeric (.wk1 and .xls) files
Description: Data written in dBase III format.
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Description: Has supplement: USA counties.
Subject: United States Statistics Periodicals.
Original relation: Issued also in a print ed.; some issues also available via Internet from the Bureau's web site (PDF file only).
Relation: USA counties
Relation: Statistical abstract of the United States

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