Russian economy : trends and perspectives /

Creator: Institut ekonomicheskoi politiki (Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk)
Creator: Institut ekonomicheskikh problem perekhodnogo perioda (Moscow, Russia)
Creator: University of East Anglia. East European Development Centre.
Creator: Akademiia narodnogo khoziaistva pri Pravitelstve Rossiiskoi Federatsii.
Publisher: Norwich, England : East European Development Centre of the University of East Anglia,
Date: 1992-c2000.
LCC: HC340.12 .R68
Description: Issues for 1995-1996 carry also whole numbering vyp. 13-16.
Description: Issues with Russian title pages also have continuous numbering.
Description: Vol. 2, no. 4- lack seasonal designations; issues for 1994-1995 are designated: half yearly report and end of year report; issues for 1996-1997 are designated: half yearly report and annual report; issues for 1998 are designated: Jan./Sept. and annual report; issue for 1999 published in a two-part combined issue.
Description: Issued by: Institut ekonomicheskikh problem perekhodnogo perioda; and by: Akademiia narodnogo khoziaistva pri praviltelstve rossiiskoi federatsii; and by: Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk; and by: European Development Centre, 1992- with: Institut ekonomicheskoi politiki, 1992.
Description: British reissue of: Rossiiskaia# ekonomika v ... godu, with issues for 1993, nos. 3-4, 1997-1999 lacking Russian title page.
Description: Continued on CD-ROM: Review of the Russian economy.
Identifier: HC340.12.A1 R67
Subject: Economic forecasting Russia (Federation) Periodicals.
Subject: Russia (Federation) Economic conditions Periodicals.
Subject: Russia (Federation) Economic policy Periodicals.
Relation: Review of the Russian economy

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