U.S. digital topography all states except Alaska.

Creator: Chalk Butte, Inc.
Publisher: Boulder, Wyo. : Chalk Butte Inc.,
Date: c1994.
LCC: G3700 s530 .U7 1994 compu/d
Description: Contains "full color, shaded relief maps of forty-nine states and the individual one by one degree tiles of which they are composed. Tile scale is 1:530,000. Data source is U.S.G.S. 3 arc second digital elevation data base"--Container.
Description: Computer programs
Description: Systems requirements: IBM PC or compatibles; CD-ROM drive; 8 bit (256 colors) or 24 bit color graphics; any paint or image processing application which reads TIFF graphics using LZW compression.
Subject: Maps, Physical Databases.
Subject: United States Maps, Physical Databases.

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Categories: CD-ROM, Maps, Physical, United States