Water-resources investigations report /

Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Publisher: [Reston, Va.] : The Survey,
LCC: GB701 .W376
Description: Bibliography of agriculture
Description: Numbering begins each year with 4000.
Description: Some numbers published out of sequence by various field offices.
Description: No. 95-4266 and 95-4120 repeated in error.
Description: Some no. prepared in cooperation with different state and federal government agencies.
Description: Merged with: Biological science report, U.S. Geological Survey bulletin, and: Information and technology report, to form: Scientific investigations report.
Identifier: GB701 .W375
Subject: Hydrology United States.
Subject: Water-supply United States.
Subject: Water Pollution United States.
Original relation: Some issues available online.
Relation: Water-resources investigations
Relation: Biological science report
Relation: U.S. Geological Survey bulletin
Relation: Information and technology report
Relation: Scientific investigations report

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Categories: CD-ROM, Hydrology, Pollution, United States, Water, Water-supply