356 Barrows Hall
D-Lab offers social science data, method, & software consultation. They also offer a wide-array of workshops on various technology and research data oriented topics.
Social Science Computing Lab
Instructional Facility, 64-66 Barrows Hall, 510.643.1579
Graduate and undergraduate social sciences classes may be scheduled in this computer facility.
Social Science Graduate Student Drop-in Facility
Card key access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This computing facility is open to graduate students and faculty in the Social Sciences Division. Pick up an application in 66 Barrows to open an account.
Haas Computing Services
S300 Haas School of Business, 510.643.0433
Access to the Haas Computing Center is limited to students in the Haas School of Business. Visit the main lab to set up an account
CEDA/Demography Lab
2232 Piedmont Ave
Lab is available to Faculty and Students of the University of California, while they are engaged in teaching, learning, or research in Demography.
Geospatial Innovation Facility
111 Mulford Hall
Lab provides a workspace for Geographical Information Systems, spatial analysis, and visualization for UC students, faculty, and staff.
GSE Computer Services
1635 Corey Hall
The lab is available for use by GSE personnel (Faculty, Staff and Registered Graduate Students of the GSE) only.