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Tuesday, October 16 - Betsy Wilson (University of Washington)
"Crystal Ball Gazing: New Directions for Research Libraries"
8:30-10:00, Morrison Library

"As my contribution to your New Directions effort, I am going to imagine the future of research libraries by taking a look back, gazing into the crystal ball, and suggesting four areas for strategic investment. The investment areas include: 1) collaboration and collective action; 2) culture of assessment; 3) the global research library; and 4) creating a workplace of choice."
Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson is the Dean of University Libraries at the University of Washington, which has 21 libraries across three campuses at UW Seattle, UW Tacoma, and UW Bothell. As the recipient of the 2004 Association of College and Research Libraries Excellence in Academic Libraries Award, the UW Libraries are known for innovation, responsiveness, and an integrated planning and assessment process. Their strategic plan, Vision 2020, outlines four interrelated directions for their organization. Betsy Wilson has published and presented widely on issues related to information literacy, teaching, learning, and technology; educational collaborations; and assessment and evaluation.

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