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The ND Framework is a place where we can record New Directions that arise from our discussions, blog postings, etc.

  • These ideas will be collected here though out Phase 1 of the ND Initiative and will for the starting point for Phase 2 discussions. See The New Directions Process

We're looking for ND ideas that:

  • are broad reaching and not a specific project.
  • offer new opportunities for staff to develop skills and to continue to contribute to the university in a meaningful way.
  • focus library services on new and exciting information opportunities needed by a changing teaching and research community.
  • encourage us to question how we currently operate and to think about new and perhaps better approaches.
  • cause the library organization to move from a fragmented/niche operation to a community of talented staff eager to work together toward goals that continue to assure us a real impact on the campus community.
  • respect the Library's work of the past and its contributions to over 160 years of the university's mission, but at the same time look toward the demands and needs of the 21st century.

The New Directions Frame Work

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