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New Roles and Opportunities for Library Staff

1. What cultural, organizational and/or value changes are needed in the Library to successfully pursue New Directions?

2. What is the future of jobs in the University Library?

3. What support and training will Library staff need to better pursue New Directions?

4. How do we better promote/market the Library to our community?

  • Can we we enhance faculty/students awareness of library resources & services through a robust outreach/training program
  • Can we find ways to brand 3rd party discovery services that take advantages of access that we licensed for our community (e.g., publishers, Google Scholar)?

5. Can we align our fund raising program to support New Directions?

  • What drives fund raising: need or donor desire? How are priorities determined? Will the library accept funding with strings attached and does that drive our direction?

6. Developing Partnerships

  • Develop new models for inter and intra-campus collaborations & integration for collection building and preservation, services, and computing infrastructures. Suggested partners include: campus IS & T, campus ETS, data collecting/archiving units, comparable research university libraries. Examples of such initiatives include Sakai development, 24/7 reference.
  • Creating new models (staff exchanges, mentorships, etc.) for drawing needed new expertise to the Berkeley Library from available area resources (e.g. library and information schools, related campus academic departments, OAC, Google, University presses, CDL, etc.)
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