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About the New Directions Bloggers

Harrison Dekker
Data Librarian, Doe/Moffitt Libraries
New Directions Interests: finding new desktops to clutter, powerpoint karaoke, cat herding, efficient alternatives to alphabetization
Recent Posts: We gave 10 million books to google and all we got was this lousy t-shirt

Jennifer Dorner
Head of Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services
New Directions Interests: Coordination of services and improving efficiencies; staff development; services to undergraduates; usability; assessment; the library's role in improving student learning, etc. I'm interested in just about everything, though I prefer to characterize this as 'eclectic' rather than 'dilettantish'.

Elizabeth (Beth) Dupuis
Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives and Director, Doe/Moffitt Libraries by day; movie-aholic by night
New Directions Interests: Teaching and learning; Meaningful connections to researchers/scholars/students; Any time/any place services; Innovation and sustainability; Increasing impact and visibility of libraries and library staff

Gail Ford
Special Assistant to the AUL / Director of Collections
New Directions Interests: global library, culture of assessment, the long argument, defining value, how to [re]organize[focus] for new directions

Sheehan Grant
Manager - Library Privileges. No pets, no kids, an overly ambitious workout schedule, and food habits akin to your basic many veggies!
New Directions Interests: User/departmental involvement in the process of change; synergies of advance technology applications within UCB and in tandem with private resources (e.g. Facebook, Google, Second Life, etc.) which users are already integrating into their daily research; emergency collection (physical and electronic) contingency plans for the future; and staff development.

Lynn Jones
Reference and Instruction Librarian, Doe & Moffitt Library, which is my second library career. I spend my free time trying to keep ahead of a 15 yr old and a 9 year old.... I'm still winning!
New Directions Interests: New technologies & services; Usability & assessment; Instruction

John Kupersmith
Reference Librarian, Doe & Moffitt Libraries; member, Web Advisory Group. Despite being about 60% water, John has become a librarian, landscape photographer, and "owner" of two dogs and a parrot.
New Directions Interests: Usability; Terminology; Simplification
Recent Posts: Serving the "remote" user, Let this be a sign

Brian Light
Head of Circulation for the Education Psychology Library. Brian is a huge history buff, who has many hobbies outside of work including Ren Faire, Car repair and playing with his dog.
New Directions Interests: New technologies & services; Usability & assessment; Questioning the Future by Looking at the Past

Karen Munro
E-Learning Librarian, Buffy fan, committed bicyclist.
New Directions Interests: Intelligent redesign of public services; user-oriented design; defining the role of academic libraries beyond the academy.
Recent Posts: Betsy Wilson recap

Brian Quigley
Head Librarian, Mathematics Statistics Library
New Directions Interests: New technologies & services; Usability & assessment; Collaboration; Institutional culture
Recent Posts: Taking a cue from Jim Neal - how do we feel?, Hey, look who else is talking about new directions, Fostering a spirit of experimentation

Milt Ternberg
Head Librarian, Long Business & Economics Library
New Directions Interests: organizational behavior and accountability; student services; staff training and development
Recent Posts: What if?, Importance of good data to organizational decision-making, What is a new direction?

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