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The UC Berkeley Library's "New Directions" Website

UC Berkeley University Librarian Tom Leonard hosted our New Directions Initiative kickoff meeting on Sep. 25, 2007.
The goal of the New Directions Initiative is to support an open process that will allow the Library to understand and adapt to the evolving information needs of our faculty and students. For more information, please see:
Why the New Directions Initiative? and What is the Process for Developing New Directions?

Please note: The first phase of New Directions is over and we are now entering the implementation phase. A new website will be up soon with news and documents for what's happening next!

New Directions Endorsed by Library Administration (5/6/08)

Post-Retreat New Directions Framework (v.8)

New Directions Retreat

Pre-Retreat Activities

Speakers & Events

Nuggets of Innovation

Current Directions: Suggestions from staff, faculty and students for improving current services

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