Moffitt Library is a five-story learning facility in the center of the UC Berkeley campus. Thousands of students converge here each day, drawn by its unique mix of resources, including the busiest computer lab on campus; a premier media center; a landmark campus cafe'; and, most importantly, the renowned research collections in the David Pierpont Gardner Stacks -- the nexus between historic Doe Library and Moffitt. Unique among our campus libraries, Moffitt is a central hub -- serving students of all majors and operating the longest hours. No place holds greater promise for invigorating undergraduate learning and scholarly community at Cal.

Moffitt is a magnet in spite of the facility itself, which has had few upgrades since it opened in 1970. The building's physical and mechanical infrastructure is outdated and inefficient -- compromising environmental quality and occupant comfort in its heavily used study spaces. As a library and learning center, Moffitt is now challenged to respond to pivotal changes of the last few decades: A nearly 60 percent increase in the size of the undergraduate population; technological developments that have yielded new modes of communication, creativity, and scholarship; an increasingly complex information landscape, with research library collections now encompassing an expanding array of content in digital formats; and a curriculum that emphasizes more collaborative and research-based learning.

The needs of today's undergraduates have evolved alongside these changes, requiring not only more, but more flexible, library work spaces with improved support for active, critically engaged, and technology-enhanced modes of learning. Uniquely positioned within the campus library system to deliver an ambitious program of support for undergraduate learning and research, the future of Moffitt Library is animated by the five themes below. Each theme has crystallized through an extensive planning process that has engaged hundreds of Cal students, faculty, librarians and student support staff, and our best thinking about the strategic relevance of libraries in the digital age.

Moffitt Renovation Themes