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Beginning in winter 2007 Moffitt project leaders, finding synergies with the library-wide New Directions planning process, conducted an environmental scan of relevant national trends and campus needs, and completed three preliminary stakeholder studies, including: 1) a focus group session with the members of the Student Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Education, 2) a library staff forum on student space needs, and 3) a survey of library student employees. These background investigations resulted in the refinement of the broad vision, guiding principles, and goals for a renovated, revitalized Moffitt Library. They also provided the framework for the subsequent investigations of the Moffitt Think Tanks; for conversations with numerous campus stakeholders; and for engaging Cal students in the project of envisioning a library that better meets their needs.

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The renovation core planning team continues in its pursuit of identifying interesting models in libraries in both the U.S. and abroad. On our Design Models and Trends site we've assembled photos of spaces, program and service concepts, furniture and other design inspirations from around the web and from our own travels to libraries near and far.

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