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Millennium and OskiCat Questions

The ILS Implementation Team and Systems Office are diligently working to address known issues in Millennium and OskiCat. Before reporting an issue you're having, please check the Post-Migration Clean-Up List on this wiki to see if the issue is being addressed. If you are encountering a problem not on that list, please submit it to the OskiCat Virtual Help Desk. If you have suggestions for improvements to OskiCat, we request that you save them until you see an alluser's email describing the "continual improvement process" we'll be using to enhance OskiCat. We are very interested in your suggestions, but simply don't have the bandwidth to process them before August.

Questions and Answers are organized into those related to the public OPAC (OskiCat), those related to the ILS (Millennium client), those we received during the OPAC trainings, and those from Early Birds. The first three categories are probably most relevant now that we've gone live.

Post Go-Live Q and A about OskiCat Public Online Catalog culled from the OskiCat Virtual Help Desk and elsewhere.

Post-Go-Live Q and A about Millennium Integrated Library System culled from the OskiCat Virtual Help Desk and elsewhere

Questions, Answers, and Comments from OPAC Training Sessions, May-June 2009

Questions, Answers, and Comments from May 5, 2009 Early Bird

Questions, Answers, and Comments from March 3, 2009 Early Bird

Outstanding ILS Policy Issues:

Answered Questions:

How did OskiCat get its name?
This burning question and many lively opinions on the name itself and on the process have been all over allusers recently. Some of the clues can be found on this wiki -- see the entry on the home page dated 9/5/08 announcing the naming contest. Allusers email was sent by C. Takaro on 9/2/08 with the subject "Millennium implementation update - Early Bird, naming contest, and more!". A reminder was sent to allusers on 9/19/08. The invitation to submit name suggestions yielded a large pool of about one hundred fascinating entries, including some mentioned on allusers recently. The ILS Implementation Team used a consensus type decison making process (rather than a straight vote) to select the handful of entries submitted to the ILS Advisory Group and Tom Leonard for a final decision, which they made on 10/2/08. The new name was announced to staff a few days later.

- How will new codes (Location) be assigned? Will we have any say?

Yes, people can give feed back if they participate in the Profile Evaluation.

- What date will we stop making changes in Gladis?

March 1st; however, people can still work on OCLC. OCLC records created in the interim will load first to the Training Server and later to the production server once all the Gladis records have been loaded. (April 20th). They will not be loaded to Gladis or Pathfinder.

- During the period of time when cataloging is not loading to Gladis and only going to Millennium, will records go to Melvyl?

No. Melvyl will show our records as they existed as of March 1st, until some time in August when they've completed a complete reload of our data from OskiCat.

- During the interim time when cataloging is on one system and circulation is still on Gladis, will it be standard practice for people to have to switch between Millennium and Gladis?


- During the time we can't order, will there be provisions for Reserves or other priority ordering?

Yes, exceptions will be made for urgently needed material (rush orders).

- Will we allow vendors to ship books?

Vendors will continue to ship books. There will be some delay in the loading of electronic invoice files and the processing of shipments beginning on March 1.

- As to the public side, you came to the Subject Councils for needs assessments. Which ones will be met? I'm particularly interested in faceted browsing.

Faceted browsing could be possible with an additional module, but the Advisory Group has decided that this type of need will be met by WorldCat Local, and that our local OPAC will not replicate features like faceted browse.

- Is there any group working on reserves?

No, we will need to do that sometime in the spring -- closer to when the circulation implementation starts up.

(Note: reserves is included in the circulation module.)

- What percentage of the 500,000 records does that represent in Gladis?

Gladis has over 6 million records. We sent every kind of location, record type, & major category we could think of, including all the analytics and some records with a large set of holdings.

- Seems like statistics goes across several types of working groups. Will there be a separate training set up just for statistics?

Access to Millennium statistics is achieved through either Web Management Reports (with near universal access to all library staff) or "Create Lists" (with more restricted access due to limitations on the number of records). Web Management Reports and Create Lists trainings are being developed and will be provided as we approach the May rollout.

- Regarding authorizations and training, have you thought about the difference in branch environment compared to Main? Lots of branches may have to work in multiple modes.

The Primary authorizer positions will rotate and include branch and Main staff. Staff who use multiple modules may need multiple logins. It is understood that branch work tends to be more generalist and larger units have positions that are more specialized, and the authorizations being set up reflect this.

This was submitted as a comment: -At the Early Bird with Innovative Sales staff, if I remember correctly it looked like catalogers will have a very slow, complicated way to make changes in a record when we are cataloging a book and when we are updating a record in Gladis or whatever our in-house catalog will be called. At present in OCLC and in Gladis I can put the cursor wherever I want to add, delete or change text and I can type in the changes or push a function key to delete text from that point on. If I remember correctly, with the Innovative Interfaces system I will have to click on something, then type into a pull-down box, then click again. This is really slow & cumbersome. If this really is Innovative Interface's cataloging & maintenance module, could we buy the other modules but not that module? Could we continue to catalog via OCLC as we do now? And could we keep Gladis for catalog records?

I think you may find the cataloging maintenance module isn't quite as clunky as you describe, and it does have at least basic macro functionality to save keystrokes. However, many people who are comfortable with a command line interface (like Gladis) find their tasks take longer when they move to a graphic interface (point and click) like Millennium. Some see the graphic interface as easier to train new staff/students on, so it may balance out in the end. In any case, the graphic interface is what we are getting. Staff can continue to catalog on OCLC (another graphic interface) and export records to the catalog. Millennium is replacing GLADIS/Pathfinder/Innopac - all will be retired by the end of this project.

- Will old payment data currently archived in GLADIS be migrated into Millennium, especially in cases where the INNOPAC order records have been deleted?

No - while it was our intention to populate Millennium with old order information that is in GLADIS only, in addition to all the current order information from Innopac, this did not turn out to be possible. No PO information will be migrated from GLADIS - only the acquisitions information currently present in Innopac will be part of our new catalog.

- Will our new ILS allow us to have a recommend function for our patrons, similar to Amazon's "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.. , or .What.s New, or .What.s Hot...?

Innovative makes a product that works with Millennium to provide this, but it is not part of our current package.

- Will our OPAC accommodate Cloud Tags?

Innovative makes a product that works with Millennium to provide this, but it is not part of our current package.

- Will the User Interface allow patron access via hand-helds like Palms, screen readers, etc?

Innovative makes a product that works with Millennium to provide this, but it is not part of our current package.

- For cataloging, can Leader fields be edited?

Yes, however system permissions may be set up so that only certain staff may edit the leader.

- Will we have the ability to do auto translations with CJK?

No, Millennium doesn't support this.

- Can we use CJK in Authority records?


- Is there a notification system for alerting staff that there are many hold requests on items?

Yes, the system is capable of this function, however future policy decisions need to be made as to the extent this will trigger a .Purchase Alert. notification, automatically purchase, etc. Staff could have the option to automatically purchase or approve a purchase of additional copies based on future library policy.

- If we enable .My Reading History. for patrons, can staff view patrons. histories?

No, histories are only viewable by the patron and only if the patron opts-in to the feature AND the library opts in to this feature. Patrons can opt-out and the system will clear their history information.

- Are check-out histories maintained in the system?

Only the patron who last checked out an item is retained. NOTE: this function can be turned off.

- Will performance be slowed down if of transactions, Boolean searches or rapid/global updates are being done at once?

According to Innovative, system performance should not be compromised, given the hardware we have purchased; Millennium gives priority to Circ & Searches. However, this may be an area that we need to monitor. Some times of report functions might be done on the training server if this becomes a problem, to keep the production server responsive for patron use.

What if I think of a need my unit has after our session on our needs in the system is over? Is there a way I can email in needs or add them on the wiki? Will there be one last call for needs at the end?

Preliminary response: Last-chance needs were collected by email, with a deadline of 9/10/08.
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