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All staff will be trained before they will have access to the new system. Authorizations will be initially set at a basic level and added to as job functions require in order to ensure all staff have the precise set of authorizations for their job duties and training. The initial training will be provided by Innovative Interfaces for a small group of Library staff who will become in the in-house trainers for specific areas. They will assume the responsibility for training the rest of the Library staff in their area of expertise.

Final ILS Training Working Group Report and Assessment - July 1, 2010: Attach:ILS_Training_Final_Report.doc

Post-Implementation Training Plan Sept. 9, 2009: Attach:post_imp_training_plan.doc

Working Training Plan as of March 4, 2009: Attach:working_training_plan_1.doc

Original Training Plan, created by the Training Working Group: Attach:Training_Plan_October_1_2008.doc

Loyalty Oath: Attach:LoyaltyOath.doc

Trainers for Acquisitions (trained by III 9/26/08 - revised date)

Trainers for Serials (trained by III 9/29/08 - revised date)

Trainers for Cataloging

Trainers for Circulation

Trainers for OskiCat Staff Trainings

Trainers for Electronic Resources Management System

Training followup office hours listed here:

Acquisitions trainers Office Hours

Serials trainers Office Hours

Training Scripts and Documentation:

Documents marked MIGRATED below can be found on asktico:

Acquisitions Documentation

Basic Item Edit (training script) 7/22/09 (.doc) MIGRATED

Basic Millennium cataloging (.pdf) MIGRATED

Basic Millennium Cataloging (PDF document)

Basic Millennium Cataloging (PowerPoint document) Δ

Bibliographic Record Deletion Instructions

Cataloging and Circ Item Edit (training script) (.doc) MIGRATED

Cataloging Serials and MVMs (training script) Δ Updated 7/15/09 (.pdf)

Cataloging training agenda Updated 3/13/09 (.pdf)

Cataloging Training for Go Live (training script) 6/3/09 (.doc) MIGRATED

Catalog Training PowerPoint by Karen Yu MIGRATED

Cataloging Training Script (training script) 3/6/09 (.doc) MIGRATED

Cataloging workflow during migration (.pdf)

Cataloging Working Group documentation

Catalog - Basic Training for Item Edits - April 14, 2009

Catalog - Printing Spine Labels - April 15, 2009

Checking OCLC for UCB holdings

Circulation Training Videos (8 modules, approx. 10 minutes to complete each)

Create Lists MIGRATED but kept as PDF b/c of screenshots

Create Lists (link -- MARINet) MIGRATED - created a separate entry for this with link.

Create Lists (link -- NOBLE web site [North of Boston Library Exchange]) -- didn't migrate -- link broken

Create Lists Training for Acquisitions

Create Lists Training for Serials

Creative Create Lists (PowerPoint document -- Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE) - MIGRATED uploaded pps to asktico

Holds Overview Training by Phil Youngholm (4/17/2009) Attach:Holds_Overview.ppt MIGRATED'

Lee's Processing Instructions June 8, 2009

MilCirc tutorials MIGRATED added a link to the milcirc wiki

Millennium Authorization and Training Request Form

Millennium cataloging training prerequisites

Millennium Create Lists Manual (PDF document -- Stephanie Zimmerman, Library System of Lancaster County, PA)

Millennium View-Only Training, March 2009 (Word document)

OPAC staff training script (Word document) MIGRATED

OPAC Public Services Staff Training

OPAC Training during training server reload

OPAC Training for Serials and Acquisitions

Playing With "Matches" (PDF document -- Richard Jackson, The Huntington Library)

Profile Evaluation Script

Regular Expressions in Create Lists (PDF document -- Richard Jackson, The Huntington Library)

Serials Documentation

Setting up OCLC Connexion for export to Millennium: Migrated to asktico:

Spine label instructions (LC Call Numbers) Updated 6/2/09 (.pdf)

Spine label printing tutorial

View Only Training as of March, 2009: Attach:View_only_3.doc

View Only Training Documentation

Training Followup Surveys

Acquisitions and Serials - November 18, 2008

Password security policy

Password security policy for Acquisitions and Serials

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