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Project Manager: Charis Takaro
Responsible for the integration of the work of others, implementation, project workflow analysis, communications plan, training plan, assessment plan, schedule.

ILS Implementation Team: This team is deeply involved in the hands-on implementation of Innovative Interfaces' Millennium Integrated Library System, under the direction of the Integrated Library System Manager. The team activities will include data analysis and mapping, needs analysis to configure the system, training, communication with subject experts within the Library and within the team/Innovative, system performance testing, weekly meetings (some with Innovative's implementation team), participation in a project email listserv, and related tasks over the course of the project.


  • Jody Bussell (acquisitions/serials)
  • Mark Marrow (circulation)
  • David Eifler (selection/public services)
  • Jesse Silva (selection/public services)
  • Dana Jemison (cataloging)
  • Jim Gordon (fund accounting)
  • Ginny Moon (NRLF)
  • Randal Brandt (cataloging)
  • Systems Office Staff (Penny Bertrang, Eileen Pinto, Dave Rez, Brooke Dykman)

Visit Who We Are for more details.

Advisory Group: This group provides guidance at a high level for the project; is a forum for discussion of Library policy issues, cross departmental procedures, and workflow considerations related to implementation of the Millennium Integrated Library System; and provides a high level overview of the project regarding Library services and goals. The advisory group will advise the project manager on existing Library policy relating to the ILS as needed and will direct new policy questions to Admin. This group will meet with the project manager every four to six weeks.


  • Chuck Eckman
  • Beth Dupuis
  • Isabel Stirling
  • Lee Leighton
  • Bernie Hurley

Topic Specific Working Groups: Other short-term, topic specific working groups will be formed throughout the project to supplement the work of the two standing committees above (e.g., we may form a workgroup on statistics) to take advantage of specialized expertise found in the Library beyond these committees.

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