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The Library Systems Office and Data Control Staff are busy with post-migration clean-up tasks. Please check here for task status updates. [Last updated 7/5/11]

If you identify a clean-up task that has not been listed below, please submit a ticket to the OskiCat Help Desk.

Questions? Please contact:

Dana Jemison
Cataloging/Librarian's Office
Email: djemison[at]library[dot]berkeley[dot]edu


In Progress

  • Check scale of problem, then recreate WEB item records for those materials which do not currently have one (EP).
  • Check-in, set item status based on institutional charge to bindery, etc (PB/DR - in progress).


Not Yet Started

  • Correct incorrectly tagged call numbers (non-affiliates) for re-indexing in correct index (LC to Other/Other to LC) (DJ/CT).
  • Set LDR/08 to "a" for archival scope for records with archival item types. (CT/VM/Randy Brandt)


Not Yet Started

  • Remove field 653 from all load tables after Technical Services adds to local procedures and alerts LSO (DJ/CT).
  • Change garbled Arabic diacritic in holdings summary statement (866) to correct value: 866\0|aAL-JUZ{0111} to 866\0|aAL-JUZ{02BB} (GLADIS holdings data did not go through diacritic translate program on migration.) (EP/DJ)
  • Create generic 007 fields for VIM/WEB records where lacking. (DJ/EP)
  • Replace NRLF location value prefix in 035 to MARC Organization Code value. Example: 035 FGENb10509124 (DJ/EP)
  • For every 561 and 590, change any $5<GLADIS location code> to $5<MARC organization code>. (DJ/EP)
  • Set PCODE3 to represent campus departments (PB/DZ)
  • Move "compu/d" and other format designators from the end of item call numbers and add this info to an item volume field, to make patron Request work better in OskiCat.

BRANCH CLEAN-UP (to be done by Subject Specialty Library staff)

  • Clean-up of SUM, SLF, and SHLs, working from Dave Rez's database derived from Gladis (e.g. removing CONTINUED and other details from concatenated SUMs; pulling imbedded index info from 866 and moving 868; etc.) [Still TBD if branches or LSO/DCU will do.]
  • Change location(s) where SUF value used to set location does not apply to entire "set".
  • Clean up records where parenthetical information in "v" field should be moved, or where parenthetical information was lost due to migration limitations.
  • Clean up records where items did not link correctly to set/analytic (this happened where there were different barcodes in "same" item V/C due to binding processing or ???
  • Clean up item call numbers incorrectly indexed in LC call number index "c" instead of Other call number index "e". This happens when Marc tag is 090 is assigned to non-LC call number when item record is created instead of 099. (For example, EAST Harvard Yenching call numbers.)


  • Replace MARC 755 with 655 (indicators " 7") (BANC)
  • Find and replace double dates with single dates in "n" level records from non-UCB records loaded from MELVYL. For example: "GRABHORN PRESS 1941 1941" (NRLF)
  • For every 561 field, change any $5<GLADIS LOC> to $5<MARC ORG CODE>.
  • Fix 797 errors (OCLC validation errors).
  • Fix BANC $9 errors (7xx and other fields) (OCLC validation errors)
  • Set sublocations in holdings records.


  • Duplicate barcode reports and resolution.
  • Duplicate OCLC number reports and resolution.
  • Load table construction and maintenance (DJ/EP).
  • Orphan bibliographic record resolution.
  • zzzzz location clean-up.
  • Setting itypes for items attached to multiformat bibs using call number criteria as requested.
  • Identifing and merging "orphan" order/bib record with full level bib records.
  • Finding and fixing/merging PromptCat records that are not loading correctly because of migration.
  • Run periodic job to set BIBLVL to "t" for "Thesis/dissertation" in the bib record based on presence of 502 field for newly cataloged material.


  • Add "Some volumes stored off campus; see NRLF holdings below" to campus holdings record where there are also holdings at NRLF location. See details here: campus holdings note project
  • Remove 001 fields with Harassowitz system numbers from affected records.
  • Identify and delete "DELETE" records.
  • Remove SHL notes from NRLF item records where applicable.
  • Suppress "sep/ae" bibliographic records migrated from Innopac.
  • Following implementation of link maintenance program, find any location "none" and resolve.
  • Suppress all holdings and item records with z* locations.
  • Resolve title = "Gladis item record" records.
  • Remove holdings for SDP and FPRO.
  • Set itypes for EART atlases.
  • Suppress any records with location of Periodicals (campus, not NRLF).
  • Recreate GLADIS "soft notes".
  • Add OPAC message to NRLF items.
  • Add link to NRLF article form to qualifying NRLF bibliographic records.
  • Set affiliate sublocations in holdings records.
  • Set itypes for items attached to multiformat bibs using call number criteria.
  • Revise NRLF location codes for limited circ materials where applicable.
  • Delete "dummy" items created with an "Ordered for [location]" call number and no barcode.
  • Change any "nbop" to "nboh"
  • Change any "nbaqr" to "nbqar"
  • Set sublocations in item records.
  • Map SHLs from 945 to item public note where applicable.
  • Suppress any records with location of Language Lab and Journalism.
  • Suppress any w/d items.
  • Set up location table.
  • Add to location table: ita, itc, ite, ith, iti, itm, itp, itr, its, zb, zx, zo, zn.
  • Correct display names: nbdnl, nbmar
  • Update the status code table.
  • Populate itypes
  • Suppress item records with web locations.
  • Change status = b and status = r values to "-".
  • Set RFR status codes.
  • Set PFA location status' to "library use only".
  • Remove cat date from GLADIS level "o" and GLADIS level "q" records.
  • Correct items with barcode + "order" in "c" field to have correct call number.
  • Set BCODE1 value for thesis/dissertation (use 502).
  • Set link maintenance to run to set the location in the bib record based on location in attached items.
  • Set OPAC messages based on loan rules. Details here []
  • Remove/suppress redundant campus holdings records (no active card and no linked items) where there is an NRLF holdings record with identical library holdings.
  • Correct WCA call numbers so that prestamps f, r, m, are moved from $a to $d
  • Retag/index any affiliate call numbers which were incorrectly tagged on migration.
  • Load Stanford numbers to patron records.
  • Suppress bibs where all attached items are withdrawn.
  • For item records where call number begins with "in process", change status to "p", and delete call number.
  • Set up sorting for holdings to push NRLF locations to bottom of list.
  • Move 590 IP notes in low-level records to 900; remove "inactive" 590 IP notes from upgraded records; update m2btab.oclcexport to load 900, after Technical Services adds to local procedures and alerts LSO .
  • Analyze and resolve non-"call number" records, for example: Call Number Varies, Uncataloged, etc.
  • Identify and clean-up "Innovac Load Error" records.
  • Change status of MNEG, ANEG, BNEG, BANC NMP to "r".
  • Load Employee numbers to patron records.
  • Following affiliate call number clean-up, create item records for affiliates (DJ/CT/EP).
  • Delete affiliate holdings records (following item record creation) where no 866 (DJ/CT/EP).
  • Invalid locations to be deleted: nbaqr nbmcc nbop nbopb nbopl nbopr nbopu, cp (etc) (CT/PB)
  • Suppress holdings record if all items are withdrawn (DR).
  • Identify and send IR "deletes" to OCLC where records have merged - We have lost IR numbers from incoming 001s where it's matched and merged in with a target (match based on OCLC IR or Master number). [Method to determine where these exist to be determined.] (CT/EP/DJ) [NOTE: this is no longer necessary now that OCLC is going to remove and replace all our IR records spring 2011]
  • Codify and document local use of 9xx fields and clean up as appropriate (DJ/DR)
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