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Millennium Modules

Note: III's promotional information about these modules available here: More detailed information about each module is available under the III Documentation link at left.

The Implementation Team researched additional modules and identified the attached list to recommend to the Advisory Group for purchase consideration. Decison requested by 10/31/08: Attach:AdditionalModules.doc

WebPAC Pro Online Public Access Catalog

  • Millennium WebPAC Pro
  • Keyword Search Engine with RightResult advanced relevance ranking
  • Keyword Spell Check capability
  • Link to enriched content: cover images, reviews, etc.
  • My Millennium Patron Empowerment, including
    • Place holds, Cancel, modify and freeze holds
    • Self-renewal of items
    • Save preferred searches
    • Automatic Reading History (Optional)
    • Patron Rating of library material
  • Patron-initiated requesting, including multiple holds with shopping cart
  • Support and Display of Incoming RSS Feeds
  • Export Records/Create a Bibliography
  • Searchable catalog scopes for all libraries
  • RSS Feed Builder
  • My Records Feed
  • Patron Reviews


  • Cataloging tools, including
    • Full-screen edit
    • Heading verification
    • MARC code validation
    • Online MARC manual
    • Diacritic maps
    • User-defined Macros
    • Cut/copy/paste
  • MARC21 Holdings support
  • Single and Multi-item creation
  • Label Printing
  • Global Update of all record types
  • Authority Control (Report Heading Changes software)
  • Automatic Authories Processing Software
  • OCLC Interface via the network for all authorized staff users
  • CJK Indexing
  • Arabic Indexing
  • Hebrew Indexing

Management Information and Report Writer

  • Create Lists of Records
  • Statisical Report package
  • Browser-based Management Reports (OPAC searches, Circ tranactions, etc.)


  • Checkout/Checkin/Renewals/Patron Registration/Notices
  • Sophisticated Holds functionality
  • Circulation Notices via Email
  • Millennium Offline Circulation Software
  • Inventory Control
  • Reserve Book Room

Database Management System & System-Wide Functionality

  • Innovative Database Management System
  • Full database indexing
  • Full UNICODE Support
  • Self-updating staff client software for all licensed staff modules
    • User-defined function keys
    • Keyboard and mouse equivalents
    • User-defined screen colors, fonts
  • File Transfer Software
  • Z39.50 Software support for WebPAC Pro and all staff clients, including
    • Client and Server Software
    • Broadcast Searching
    • MARC record import
    • OCLC Holdings update
  • Enhanced content linking in all staff clients (Content must be separately purchased)

License for 250 simultaneous staff Millennium users

Pathfinder Pro

  • Content Linking - WebPAC Pro and staff users link from the bibliographic record display to related resources, such as full-text articles, book reviews, vendor inventory, or book jacket images
  • Provides detailed usage statistics

Millennium Scheduler

Electronic Resource Management

  • Manage licensing and purchasing details in a single interface
  • Provide additional fields for storage of relevant data
  • Build and Update the ERM knowledge-base by importing coverage data in ONIX or Innovative approved format
  • Display information about electronic resources in WebPAC Pro
  • Define relationships between aggregators or publishers and the resources they provide
  • Track payments and other financial and subscription details
  • Manage Project COUNTER compliant statistics provided database vendors
  • Generate on-demand Title Overlap reports among user specified resources


  • Bursar's Office Interfaces (Input/Output)
  • Enterprise Backup API
  • Interface to Accounting Office
  • Extended Approval Plan Interface

Testing/Training System Software

  • Includes 10 staff user licenses

Possible Future Modules To Consider

  • Web Access Management
    • Proxy server for remote patron authentication
    • Included URL Checker
  • URL Checker
  • SIP2 server (includes 1 unit license)
  • Additional SIP2 licenses
  • LDAP Patron Authentication
  • Server Hardware (e.g. Sun Fire V445)
  • Testing/Training Server Hardware (e.g. Sun Fire V245)
  • Encore Patron Discovery Platform, including tagging and faceted search
  • Institutional Repository
  • Materials Booking and Media Scheduling Software
  • Digital Collections Management Software Packages
  • Courseware Integration
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Open URL-compliant resolution software
  • Federated search software

Millennium System Expansion

Millennium Acquisitions & fund Accounting

  • Ordering/Receiving/PO Printing
  • Invoice Processing and Fund Accounting
  • Claiming
  • Hierarchical Fund Reports
  • Foreign Currency Conversion
  • Support for up to 30,000 vendor records
  • Vendor Statistics
  • EDIFACT support for Electronic Ordering, Status Reports, and Invoicing
  • Electronic Serials Invoice Processing

Millennium Serials Control

  • Checkin/Claiming/Routing/Binding
  • Automatic MARC21 holdings update at checkin
  • SISAC Barcode Checkin
  • Electronic Claiming of Serials Issues
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