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The Millennium authorization and training request form is here, and includes a flowchart of how the approval/account creation process works: (linked under M on the staff homepage)

Authorizers serve a two year term, turning over in November, the first year as the backup and the second year as the primary authorizer. Primary authorizers train the new backups when they begin. Each primary authorizer is encouraged to use and improve the "best practices" guide for their area of authorizations.

Authorizers as of Sept. 2016:

primary - Rico Estrada
back-up - Mark Jack
trainer - Rico Estrada

primary - Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz
back-up - Elizabeth Stucki
trainer - Elizabeth Stucki

primary - Mark Marrow

primary - Mark Marrow

primary - Judith Weeks
back-up - Sue Miller
trainer - Judith Weeks

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