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Innovative's product manual, tutorials, and guides are available online only.

The Innovative Guide and Reference ("IGR" -- the manual) is available on our server at the URL below:

Your personal initials and password (if you have them) will not work to access the manual. Use "view/only" to access the IGR on our servers.

The manual, tutorials, and many other useful documents are available on CSDirect, Innovative's Customer Service Web site:

Note that you'll need our ucb login and password to access this site. Please contact any Implementation Team member for this.

This site was redesigned and greatly improved in mid-January 2009. Among the new features:

Millennium client installation instructions for Macs

Diacritics display

To correctly display diacritics in the Millennium client, a fontconfig file needs to be installed. This file was sent to PC Experts by Andy 10/17/08 with instructions. Contact your pc expert if you have trouble with diacritics and think this may not have been installed.

How to create a new icon

If you already installed the client and have an icon, it is easy to copy that icon and create a second one that takes you to the production server. Right click on the icon for the client and chose "copy". Right click on your desktop and click "paste shortcut". Right click on the new icon and click "rename" and name it "Millennium Client". Right click on the new icon again, chose "properties", and find the window that says Target. At the very end of the existing text in that window, add a space and then this text:

Now double clicking on this new icon should take you to the Innopac server.

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