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Major milestones revised 4/15/09

May 4-8 Innopac Acquisitions and Serials migration to the Production Server. Acquisitions and Serials unavailable during this migration.
May 11ish - Cataloging "go live" target
June 12 5pm - Gladis goes down for circulation migration. No automated circulation on Gladis over the weekend of June 13-14
June 15 (Monday) - Migration of Gladis circulation data to the production server. Production server and circulation unavailable. Some limited ability to check OUT only should be available via Millennium but no other circulation transactions (returns, renewals, etc.)
June 16 (Tuesday) - OPAC and Circulation go live - Gladis/Pathfinder retired.

Revised version of the graphic schedule outline, distributed at the 3/3/08 Early Bird:


Older versions of the timeline:

Revised versions of the graphic schedule outline, distributed at the 10/2/08 Early Bird:




8/14/08: Minor revisions appear in this version:


These files show a graphic outline of the project by three month segments:

Attach:Aug-Oct2008.doc Attach:Nov-Jan2009.doc Attach:Feb-Apr2009.doc Attach:May-June2009.doc

7/28/08 Attach:timeline_072908.doc

5/29/08: Please note this timeline is very much a draft and hasn't been discussed in depth by the Implementation Team.


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