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Answers to the question: What do you need the catalog to do to support your work/mission, and why?

NOTE: The group needs gathering process is complete.

Needs summary by topic area/frequency:

Please note that the process used to group needs as being the "same" was completely unscientific, therefore, little weight should be placed on small differences in the number of groups that voiced the same need. Identifying which needs will not be met by Millennium is in progress. It is complicated by the fact that while some needs Millennium has the ability to meet, there are still workflow/policy questions to be resolved before we can say our new system will meet them. This document just lists needs - to see the reasons why, see the group by group listings below.


Needs that will not be met as part of our Millennium implementation

3/2/09: Attached is a document summarizing the needs that our implementation won't be able to meet. Please note some are still under investigation.


Below please find the group by group listing of needs identified, which include the reasons why for each need.

Government Documents needs

Social Sciences Council needs

Doe-Moffitt selector needs

Technical Services Review needs

Collections Council needs

Media Resources Center needs

Circulation Services Group needs

Doe-Moffitt Instruction needs

Bancroft Library needs

Pacific Film Archive needs

Arts and Humanities Council needs

Earth Sciences Library needs

Technical Services Council needs

B-TECH Group needs

Public Services Council needs

Music Library needs

InterLibrary Services needs

Digital Acquisitions Group needs

East Asian Library needs

Bindery Prep Division needs

Science Council needs

Misc. needs submitted by email

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